Hello! My name is Sumbal Majeed. I am mphil economics. I am a housewife with two beautiful daughters. I am a kind of person who always loves to learn new things because I believe that engaging our brain in experimenting new things is always necessary for a healthy mind and body.

I believe that women, especially housewives should reserve some time for themselves to do something purposeful in addition to their house responsibilities. Women have to learn to manage their responsibilities towards their house, kids and their own self. Because by taking care of our physical and mental health, we can perform everything in a much better way. But it is also very important that if a woman wants to do something new, she should be encouraged and supported by her family.

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How it all started

Cooking is something which is in my genes. I inherit the love of cooking from my mother. I always enjoy spending time in kitchen and trying new recipes. But before marriage due to my studies and job I used to cook occasionally just for fun. But when I started cooking properly, everyone, especially my husband and kids, praised me a lot. It encouraged me to polish my cooking and baking skills. For which I did a cooking course as well.

So, I decided to do it professionally and started a food blog. This blog is designed by me with no experience in web developing. I do photography and shooting of my recipes, myself with again no experience in it. But I am sure you will love my recipes when you try them. Love and appreciation from people means a lot to me.

The world of food is very vast and there is no limit to it. We can experiment  and develop new recipes for an unlimited number of times. My mission behind this blog is to give you recipes with flexibility to adapt flavors according to your own taste.  Even the authentic recipes of different cuisines are not necessarily to be followed the same way. I always prefer modified and healthy versions of food recipes.

Thanks for visiting my site. Do visit my site again.