In this chilling winter you really need something that elevates heat in your body. I think nothing is better than a hot cup of coffee. It gives you warmth and relaxes you after long tiring work. Coffee has a great role to play in my life. Whether it’s a long travel, friends gathering, or regular working day, coffee is a must have. Espresso, cappuccino, latte, I have tried almost all kinds of coffee, but if you are a coffee lover like me, Mexican mocha coffee is something that takes your coffee experience to next level. Spices included in it warm you up to the bones. Having a slice of moist lemon loaf or carrot cake with this coffee doubles your relaxation.

When I first tried this mexican mocha recipe, I found it so unique, flavorful and rich that I can’t help making it again and again. how to make Mexican mocha? Honestly, I don’t have fancy machines and equipment for making coffee. I always beat coffee manually.

Love and craving for coffee gives me enough energy to beat it and make it, using my hands. If you also don’t have machines to brew coffee and to steam milk, don’t make it an excuse to deprive yourself of some spectacular coffee. I made Mexican mocha on same manual pattern, and result was amazing. I am sure it is better Starbucks Mexican mocha. Having this coffee in breakfast, is a great way to alert your brain and kick start your day.

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Mexican mocha

What is Mexican mocha?

Café latte is a coffee drink which was originated in Italy and made with espresso and steamed milk .cafe mocha or mocaccino is a variant of café latte. It is also made with espresso and hot milk but it adds chocolate flavor and some sweetener in it. Mexican mocha, also called Mexican hot chocolate, incorporates Mexican chocolate and some spices in café mocha. Spices include cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

Spices included in Mexican mocha not only give distinct aroma to it, but they also have some strong medical benefits. Cinnamon and clove especially have antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. These spices are also rich in antioxidants. They give enough warmth that saves you from winter prone diseases (flu, cough, sore throat, chest infections).

Can I make this coffee without dairy?

Well, dairy milk has its own flavor and richness. Full fat milk gives perfect creaminess and froth to your coffee. But if you prefer non dairy source then almond milk and cashew milk are better options. I do not suggest coconut milk because it gives very strong coconut flavor to coffee. If you like black coffee you can only add boiling water to your coffee mixture.

Can I skip cayenne pepper in Mexican mocha?

Traditionally, cayenne pepper is a part of Mexican mocha. It gives that heat and spice to coffee which is the specialty of Mexican mocha. But I can’t bear that spice as it irritates my throat. That’s why I totally skip this ingredient. You can also have delicious cup of Mexican mocha without cayenne pepper in it. After all it’s your cup of coffee and you can make it on your terms, no one is there to judge you.

On the other hand there are some people who love extra spice and heat. They can replace cayenne pepper with any kind of strong pepper of their choice.

Can I make iced Mexican mocha?

Why not! You can enjoy same Mexican mocha if you like cold coffee. You just have to mix coffee in boiling water and wait to cool it down. Then add this coffee mixture, milk, ice and spices in blender. You chilling iced Mexican mocha will be ready.


Mexican mocha, also called Mexican hot chocolate,incorporates Mexican chocolate and some spices in café mocha. Spices include cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. It is something that takes your coffee experience to next level. Spices included in it warm you up to the bones.
Course Breakfast, Drinks, Fast food, Side Dish
Cuisine Mexican
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 1 Person


  • Serving cups
  • Tablespoons
  • beaker


  • 1 and ½ Cup Milk
  • 1 tsp Instant coffee
  • 1 tsp Brown sugar
  • ½ tbsp Dark chocolate Crushed
  • ¼ tsp Cinnamon powder
  • ¼ tsp Clove powder


  • Put instant coffee, brown sugar and crushed chocolate in cup.
  • Add 1 and ½ tbsp of water in cup.
  • Beat them together with electric or hand beater until you get consistency shown in picture.
  • Boil milk in beaker
  • Add cinnamon powder in cup.
  • Now add clove powder in cup.
  • Pour hot boiling milk in the cup and mix vigorously.
  • Sprinkle little bit of coffee on the top.

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